Create instant (personal) dashboards.

Create a central place to store bookmarks, notes and tasks.

Custom layouts

Use lists, drag and drop, tags and quick search to create your own dashboard with a custom layout in minutes.


Use trackpanel as a central project starting point, with links to important documents or use trackpanel as a lightweight project manager.

Realtime dashboard

Feed realtime data via the simple API to use trackpanel as a live status board. Provide your customers with a custom dashboard for your app.

Why the visual list layout?

We feel you can find a information faster if you remember *where* you placed it visually.

The instant search can be used if you already know the name of for example a bookmark and want to open it directly.

The list layout lets you create flexible structures on how to work with the information. For example: separate "today" and "this week" lists for tasks.


Will this app stay free?

We plan to charge a small amount in the future if we can make the application useful enough. That way we can keep the service ad-free and running in the future.

In the beta period trackpanel will stay free for use, your data will stay accessible after the beta period.